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I was supposed to attend an Event Planning Panel discussion at Illinois State University tomorrow in celebration of their Communications Week. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to attend as I’ll be at the services honoring the life one of my most recent grooms and dear friends, Nolan. While I wish I could make it to both, I still wanted to take the opportunity to share the answers to the questions that were going to be covered at the panel. Amy – thanks for passing along this link so the students can at least still hear the responses!

To any students reading this – if you have any additional questions – you’re always welcome to reach out on Facebook, e-mail, phone call – whatever you want. I believe strongly in being educated in whatever field you choose to pursue but, especially in the event planning field, there is a lack of education and professionalism so I applaud you for getting out and seeking knowledge. I wish you well in all of your endeavors!

What is the hardest part of your job? - My answer to this question has evolved each year I’ve been in business. I would say the hardest part is finding the balance between serving your clients but also not working 24/7 (something I absolutely used to be guilty of). This industry is more of a lifestyle than a “job” so trying to find time for yourself and to still give your clients 110% is always a tough task. I try to make each of my clients feel like they’re the only event I’m working on. Notice I say “try” because that’s all I can do – sometimes I’m good at it, sometimes I fail at it. So I would say balancing everyone else’s demands as well as your own needs is the hardest part.

What do you love most about your job? - All of it. The adrenaline rush right before you unveil the reception you’ve been designing for a year. The shot of excitement before I take a bride her bouquet. The nervousness I feel at rehearsal. The tears I get as I hear couple’s exchanging vows. But, above all of that, I love the relationships you build. Some of my past clients, their parents, other vendors in the industry – they are some of my biggest cheerleaders and best of friends. A recent survey from revealed that 45% of brides hire a vendor based on the potential to become friends with them after the wedding. I love that probably 90% of past clients become friends. That’s pretty special to me.

Advice for getting into the industry. – Talk to as many people in the industry before you do it! Hear the pros, cons, everything. Go into it eyes wide open. It’s important to know that this isn’t “The Wedding Planner” or “Platinum Weddings” – reality is much different than what you see on TV or in the movies. I know that sounds silly but you have NO idea how often I hear that! There are long days, lots of emotion, more drama than one person ever needs, and high expectations. Don’t be naïve about what you’re in for – talking to other industry professionals gives you a much better idea of what to expect.

What does a “normal” day look like? - That’s what I love about this industry and about owning my own business – there’s nothing “normal” about it! When I first made the leap into going full-time with my business, someone said “It’s great owning your own business – you only have to work half days. You just pick which 12 hours of the day you want to work.” So true! I love that I can have a day out of my office to go run errands, price things out, have lunch with vendor friends. Then I have days where I chain myself to my desk to catch up on admin. Then I have days where it’s a combo. I love that no two days are the same.

What experience did you have before entering the industry? – I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations with a minor in Business Administration. I also have a Master’s Degree in Leadership in Human Service Administration. Having that educational background has served me very well – especially the PR side. My event planning experience was heavily based in the nonprofit sector – loads of fundraisers, galas, etc. I even had a good chunk of meeting planning experience with conference and retreats. I got the bridal bug when I worked in a bridal store throughout college – that’s where my eyes were really opened to this industry. I also completed my Professional Bridal Consultant designation through the Association of Bridal Consultants and stay involved in that organization.

What do you wish you had known before coming into the industry?
- This is a really hard one! I like to think I had a pretty good idea coming into it and what to expect. I suppose I’ve been surprised by some of the dynamics of dealing with other vendors (DJs, florists, photographers, etc). Some vendors love working with planners, others don’t. We have potential to make their jobs much easier and to send a ton of business their way but we can also make their jobs harder – we hold them accountable, we negotiate, we call them out on things and, above all, we put our clients first. Sometimes vendors are fine with it and they’ll become great friends and a huge source of referrals. Others are threatened by it or get upset because they think we’re babysitting them or that they know more than us. Handle those relationships with care. I had no idea how dramatic it could be and it can be exhausting managing everyone’s egos!

What classes during college helped you prepare for your job/were beneficial? - As I mentioned before, my Public Relations degree helped a ton, especially in knowing how to market and brand my business. Also having solid footing on the business side has been huge. I see a lot of creative professionals who run their business more like a hobby. That only leads to burn out and frustration. It’s awesome to do what you love – but you have to look at it as a business and you have to invest in it, protect it, and take it seriously.

Why did you decide to go into event planning? - I’ll be totally honest, I didn’t start it because I had always dreamt of being a wedding planner or because I like pretty things or because I had fun planning my own wedding (which I did!). I first started So Chic because I saw an opportunity. I saw something people needed that wasn’t being provided and I knew I could do it…and I could do it well. Since then, my love and passion for the industry has continued to evolve and I can’t imagine doing very many other things and being this fulfilled….but I’ve always looked at this as a business. The fact I love it is a huge bonus!
What steps did you take in college and past careers that helped you get to where you are? - Getting experience wherever and whenever I could. Volunteering for a charity fundraiser to see how a registration flows, working a trade show booth so I could see the ins and outs of an expo, writing newsletters for an alumni office to get used to copywriting, collecting silent auction items – I did a lot of volunteering. I also know a lot of my leadership experiences also helped give me the confidence, creativity, and perseverance to keep going.

What are some high points you have experienced and what have you had to overcome to reach certain goals? - I’ve had different kinds of high points – the first ones being relationship-based and the others being professionally-based. Building those relationships (as I’ve mentioned above) has continued to sustain and inspire me. Knowing you’ve built that relationship with someone that will last much longer than their event day is huge. Professionally speaking – being published in trade magazines or websites is always a wonderful compliment. I’ll never forget the first time I had something in Bride’s Magazine – I swear I stared at those pages for hours thinking it might just disappear. I’ve had the good fortune to be in Bride’s, The Knot, Wedding Wire, blogs, etc. And even after nearly six years – the excitement is still there. I got an e-mail the other day that a shoot I did was going to be featured and I still got giddy! I don’t ever want that to become “run of the mill” or expected…the day I stop appreciating these little things will be the day I need to move on. The rewards are great in this industry if you really immerse yourself in it.

To stand out in the event planning industry what are you and others looking for in an interview, on a resume, or in a cover letter? - I work with my students all of the time on this. I’ll be honest – a huge part of this industry is customer service so I’m always looking to see what experience people have in that realm. A lot of what I do can be taught but the ability to connect with people and earn their trust is something that’s not teachable. I also look to see how much initiative someone has – have they volunteered? Did they create an experience for themselves? Did they hold leadership positions? You also have to be a self-starter in this industry so I want to see that people have some “get up and go” inside themselves!

Thanks so much for allowing me to share this! I’m so sorry I am unable to make it to the panel but I hope this helped at least a little! Again, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime you have questions! I hope you’ve found value and insight in some of my answers and, truly, best of luck in all of your pursuits!

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My outlet, when anything is happening, is to write. I wrote this as a way to begin grieving on my own but felt compelled to share my thoughts. I realize many of these thoughts are incredibly raw but I'm allowing myself to do something I don't often my weakness. How often do we hide our weaknesses? Our raw emotions? All for fear of what? Judgment? Pity? I'm forgetting all of that right now and just sharing what is in my heart.

So many of you have read of Morgan & Nolan's story over the past month The story of their profound love, his amazing strength, and their magical wedding day. Their story has inspired and touched so many hearts - hearts of people they've never met and of course so many that were blessed to be a part of their life. I count myself among the many who were lucky enough to know Morgan & Nolan, their love, and their story. Sadly, Nolan lost his brave battle with cancer earlier this morning. The fight, strength and perseverance that he continued to show until the end should be an inspiration to us all.

As we were planning the wedding - I felt as if I kept my head down and stayed focus on that wedding day. The details. The timeline. Making everything perfect for them. Finding any way I could to bring them as much joy as humanly possible in one given day. I somehow made myself, for fear of heartbreak, look past the battle Nolan was facing - I just so badly wanted to believe that the wedding day would fix it or make it better or make it hurt less. I felt it was the only thing I had to offer in their story. Since the wedding, my relationship with Morgan and Nolan continued to deepen and strengthen. From getting texts of pictures with them polishing off the last of their wedding cupcakes, to hearing their reactions to their wedding video, to getting random, appreciative, heartfelt messages from Morgan as things were starting to take a turn....I realized we all had so much more invested in each other than their wedding day.
It hasn't even been a month since their wedding day but I feel infinitely and profoundly changed. Every day that goes by, as I think of them and their incredible strength, I look at things differently. I put things into perspective.

Over the past year, I've felt I've been fighting a battle of my own. In no way do I draw any correlations to what Nolan and Morgan have fought through, I cannot begin to wrap my heart or head around their battle. Over the past year, I've been fighting through a crisis of faith with who I am and what I do on a daily basis. I've had a constant battle of why I started my businesses and with the craziness and drama that accompany owning your own business....especially in this emotionally-charged industry. I have a pure heart for what I do. I never started my business to be a "wedding planner." I started my business to create something special. To be a person that others could rely on, count on, confide in, and trust. It just so happened that my outlet for being that person has become creating beautiful events. And I pour everything I have into being that person every day. But over the last year, I've gotten jaded. Everything I've built and stand for were called into question and the purity of what I do was challenged by someone else in the business. In a very public, hurtful way. Of course, I've fought for it all and continue to battle through - because that's what you do when you love fight for it and you fight through it. I haven't shared much (and obviously still am choosing not to) because I want to rise above it and take the high road. But I'd be lying to say that it's easy to do so. This past year has challenged my relationships, my vision, my family, and my heart. That's the hard thing when other people say things about matter how much you know they're not true, you start to doubt yourself. And there are few things worse than losing faith in yourself even if it's just for a fleeting moment.

As if this battle wasn't enough, apparently God thought I was ready to work through more. When my son was six weeks old, my heart continued to be challenged as my mom found out she'd be fighting her second bout of breast cancer. She has fought a battle of her own - one that I don't think I've fully allowed myself to face or understand until these past few months of becoming closer with Morgan and Nolan. She and Nolan must have both been given an extra dose of strength, courage and perseverance to face what they've faced. I am inspired by her on a daily basis and hope, if ever dealt the same cards, that I may face them with the same attitude and strength that she has.

This past month has brought a lot of reflection. It's made me question, "Is it all worth it?" Is it worth giving up my weeknights with clients to go to floral appointments, work through timelines, navigate family dynamics, and serve as a counselor? Is it worth being at rehearsals on Friday nights instead of out to pizza with my family? Is it worth it to wake up to random text messages at 6:00 a.m. from a client who was up all night worried about the smallest detail of their event? Is it worth it to be going to work on a beautiful Saturday when others are going out to celebrate something? Is it worth going through this situation with another business? Is it worth the frustration and exhaustion I feel when all I want to do is be a person and run a business I can be proud of?

I've struggled to find that answer. To sift through all of the negatives to somehow muddle my way through to what I'm really feeling. To get past the grief and anger I feel for all of the things I've been burdened by. What was my answer?

Yes. Yes, it's worth it.

Not because it's glamorous. Not because I get to create pretty things. Not because I get to have fun stories to tell. It's worth it because I love it. Because I'm fulfilled by it. I get to spend my time and my life creating memories with people. Creating a day that celebrates people and their love....for however long that lasts. Whether a wedding day is the start to a 50-year marriage or, in Morgan and Nolan's case, just 27 short days, I get to be there at the start of it all. And I thank Morgan and Nolan for allowing me to get to this answer of "yes, it's worth it."
At the end of Morgan and Nolan's wedding day, we were sitting and chatting. Nolan patted my hand and said, "Ray, Ray - it doesn't matter what happens from here on because I had today." Isn't that what we should all wish for? A day, a moment, an experience that makes us feel that everything else is worth it?

Morgan and Nolan were a lesson to all of us to put things in perspective, appreciate what we have, and love every moment of what we're given - the goods, the bads, the everythings. They are a lesson for all of us to "get over ourselves" when our egos are getting in the way or even when we're feeling sorry for ourselves. To get past the craziness and get to the core of what we each do and why we do it. They've inspired people they've never met. They've had people cheering for them from afar. Not once, in the time that I've known them, did they ever complain about the cards they'd been dealt - they simply found joy in their love.

I've certainly learned from them and will continue to as we all grieve the incredible loss. I know their story will inspire each of us every day to love deeper, complain less, and appreciate more.

So while my heart aches more than it has in a long time, my heart also rejoices that I have found an answer I've been searching for. Who knew that a handsome man in a lavender shirt and white bow tie and a sweet, bubbly blonde with the biggest heart and most amazing laugh would be the ones to help me find it?

I wish for each of us find someone or something that inspires us and challenges us as much as my experience with Morgan and Nolan has. My deepest love, sympathies, and prayers to Morgan and their families.

morgan.nolan wedding

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It was 84 days from the day I met Morgan and Nolan to the day that they married. Want to know the power of 84 days? 2016 hours?

You can become the best of friends with your clients and their families.

You develop more inside jokes than you can count.

You share more late night texts and Facebook messages than you do with your own family.

You can call in multiple favors from wedding professional friends to ensure you have everything you need (and more!) to make a perfect day.

You can plan and execute the most beautiful wedding day that knocks people’s socks off and leaves people saying “wow.”

But that’s just what happens on the surface. You know what else happens?

You build a connection so strong that it will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Your spirit, which had been broken over the past year, can be restored and renewed. Your vision clearer and purpose stronger.

You are touched down to the depths of your soul by the love shared between two people that it makes you love everyone in your life infinitely more than you already did.

You can be changed. Forever.


I know I can be long winded but, especially on this post, I would have no idea how to be brief. So please bear with me, it’s worth the read. And I interspersed amazing details pictures throughout so that should help keep you going! (To see more amazing photos visit Nellie Photography and Brooke Alaina Photography)

Many of you have read of Morgan and Nolan’s story but, for those that haven’t….Morgan and Nolan are high school sweethearts. About four years ago, when Nolan was just finishing college, he was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer. He has fought and battled and persevered through it all….with Morgan right by his side. – literally and figuratively. They got engaged in mid-November in Disney World – Nolan’s favorite place. Around that same time, they discovered that there weren’t many treatment options left for Nolan. They knew they wanted their journey as husband and wife to begin as soon as possible. (You can read even more of their story on their Facebook page)

One of Morgan’s high school friends, Kailey, who worked at Four Points by Sheraton, contacted me to see if I might somehow be able to help make their wedding day a reality. It didn’t take a second of thought – I was absolutely in for anything and everything they might need. My life has been touched by cancer more times than I care to count and, when she reached out, my mom in the midst of cancer treatments of her own. There was no way that I would do anything less than my everything to make their wedding happen.

I remember my first phone call with Morgan as we tried to schedule a meeting. They were up in Chicago for Nolan’s treatments and she sounded nervous and overwhelmed. I cannot even begin to fathom what she was thinking or feeling. I met with Morgan, Nolan, and Morgan’s mom, Connie, that Saturday. From that first moment – our hearts connected. Tears and hugs were shared and I knew that this would be so much more than helping to plan a wedding.

When I asked what they imagined for their wedding day – humble doesn’t even begin to describe Morgan and Nolan. You could tell they knew exactly what the day was intended for – to share their love with their family and friends and to become husband and wife. But that didn’t mean that I wanted to make it less than amazing! Nolan knew straight away he wanted the color purple because he “looks good in purple.” That gave me a giggle right away and gave me an inkling as to what I was in store for. He was a very opinionated groom and had definite ideas of what he wanted….which I loved! I’ll never forget tux shopping day – most decisive groom I’ve seen! Morgan was laidback and carefree…what I now know is just her gracious, beautiful personality. We got an initial vision and, from there, the magic just started.

The outpouring of love and support from their family, friends, and strangers was amazing…and we even experienced it in the wedding community! I had quite a few wedding professional friends who found Morgan & Nolan’s story on Facebook and reached out offering their time, talents, and treasures for their wedding day. With what was being offered and calling in a few favors – literally every detail (and then some!) were taken care of. In an industry that can sometimes be a bit crazy, territorial, and highly emotional – this wedding brought EVERYONE together. Not only did I never get a single “no” when we would ask for something….the response was always “What ELSE can we do???” That, my friends, is amazing generosity and a pure heart.

When wedding day arrived, the spirit in the air was nothing but love, excitement and anticipation. It almost felt that, for one day, everyone put aside the anxiety and fear that comes with Nolan and Morgan’s story and purely focused on the love between them and their newest journey beginning. Nolan was in a great mood – being sassy and full of one liners. Morgan was a giddy school girl – anxious to see her “crush” when she was all ready. I was so privileged to be near them for their first look. I’m normally nowhere near them but they had asked if “Ray Ray O’Shea” (as Nolan calls me) would help get them situated and ready for the perfect first look. As with most of the day, I cried and cried as I got to see their reactions and watch them soak everything in. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her and her sweet, nervous laughter is just so endearing.



From there – off to pictures and spending time with their bridal party. Then to The Cornerstone for their beautiful, romantic, heartfelt ceremony. Nolan’s nephew stood behind him the entire ceremony, gently rubbing his back. I have never, ever seen anything so precious and heartfelt. The guests rose to their feet after Morgan and Nolan were announced husband and wife. I had held it together fairly well until standing in the back and watching 275 people stand up and share all of that love.


From there – they wrapped up a few family pictures and then came over to Four Points where we had the opportunity to “unveil” the reception room to Morgan and Nolan. I was excited and nervous and hopeful as I pulled that door back and they went in. Of course they knew elements that would be in that room but they had no concept of what it would be all pulled together. Those 10 minutes of being in the room with them, watching them soak in every detail and hearing them say, amongst tears, “Is this our wedding? This is a fairytale. I can’t believe this is for us” is something I will never forget. I am so thankful Nellie Photography and Forward Motion were there to capture that. I’ve done a lot of room unveils and it’s always a favorite, wonderful moment but Morgan and Nolan were just so amazed and GRATEFUL for everything. Their humility continues to astound me. They have such pure hearts.


From there – we brought in the rest of the bridal party (well, the girls anyway) to scope it all out and even more tears were shed.

We then pulled back the draping and let the guests in – so many oohs and aahs and “amazings”. The reception then went in full swing – the most memorable moment being their first dance. I thought the poor DJ was going to have to scoop me up off the floor as I cried tears of joy watching them dance to “Me and You” by Kenny Chesney.


Then it was GAME ON and full reception mode! And I mean FULL reception mode! This wedding was like any other – surly groomsmen, loads of dancing, and TONS of love and fun and then more love and fun!


Morgan and Nolan – you kept saying thank you but I should be the one thanking YOU. Thank you for allowing me into your life, your family, and your story. You kept asking “why are people doing this? Why would people give us this wedding? They don’t even know us.” Sure – before these last 84 days – I didn’t know you. But watching one glance between you two told me who you are. Reading your story told me the love you have. One second of thought puts in perspective the strength you have on a daily basis to walk through this journey together. THAT is why we everyone did it. And I would do it a million times over for you both.

This blog is meant to be a thank you to all of the amazing, wonderful people who made Morgan and Nolan’s wedding day absolute perfection. A thank you/blog shout out will never be enough to express what you made happen. My heart is full just thinking about your heart, sincerity, and generosity. Someone said, “It was so great you guys donated to make this wedding happen.” We didn’t “donate” a darn thing. What I did…and all of the amazing people below did…..we gave a gift. A gift of a moment. Of memories. Of love. Something that will stay with Morgan, Nolan and their loved ones long past March 9th.

The power of 84 days.

With love and gratitude…..

Photography – Nellie Photography and Brooke Alaina Photography
Videography – Forward Motion Productions

Ceremony Venue – The Cornerstone Building
Ceremony Linens – I Do Events
Ceremony Décor – Create a Scene Events
Ceremony Music – HeartStrings String Quartet
Ceremony Rentals – Morton Rentals

Bouquets, Corsages, Boutonnieres – Michele’s Floral Events

Reception Venue – Four Points by Sheraton
Linens & Chargers – I Do Events
Décor, Centerpieces, Draping – Create a Scene Events
Ice Chiavari Chairs & Other Rentals – Morton Rentals
Cake & Cupcakes – Le Bakery
Cheesecake Favors – That’s So Sweet
Cocktail Hour Entertainment – Mike & Carrie
Reception Entertainment – DJ4U
Lighting – Sound and Light Creations

Wedding Dress & Accessories – Cloud Nine Bridal Boutique
Invitations & All Stationery – Cloud Nine Fine Paper
Transportation – Peoria Charter Coach
Photo Booth – NorthSide Photo Booth
Hair/Make-Up - BLoved Stylists
Wedding Bands - Bremer Jewelry

Rehearsal Dinner Venue – The Cornerstone
Rehearsal Dinner Invitations – Sara E Designs
Rehearsal Dinner Catering – Ten2Party/Skrine Chops
Rehearsal Dinner Décor – Create a Scene
Rehearsal Dinner Linens – Countryside Banquets
Rehearsal Dinner Mahogany Chiavari Chairs – Morton Rentals

Overall Planning, Design, and Coordination - So Chic Events

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I've kind of got an obsession with shoes. It's not as bad as it used to be now that I tend to go for comfort over style (spoken like a true mom!) but my obsession is still there. It came out in full force as I was shopping for the perfect birthday outfit and, once I found it, I needed the perfect shoes! I wanted something with a little glitz and I found them!

I'm always a fan of shoes with some "oomph" - some of my favorite wedding day pictures of brides are just their cutie little shoes peeking out from under their dress. But don't save the glitz just for wedding day! Rock it out on a daily basis! I vow to start taking my own advice in 2013 - I think I'll scrap my Skechers and throw a pair of heels on every once in a while!

Here was the pair that made me drool - found them on Zappos!


Love & Shoes,

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In celebration of Sara's 30th BIRTHDAY today, our favorite thing is Starbucks Birthday Cake Pops! Sara loves these and she got me hooked on them too!! Go swing through Starbucks and get a Birthday Cake Pop so you can celebrate with us too! Have a great day! :)

Birthday Cake Pop

Katie Minehan
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Today, I have to take a few minutes to gush over blue topaz cocktail rings. I'm a big fan of any statement jewelry, especially cocktail rings - but something about blue topaz really gets me excited! My hubby gave me a gorgeous blue topaz ring as a wedding gift as my "something blue." I've worn it a million times since then!

Wanted to share a few I ran across on Overstock - of course I love the real thing...but these are a bit more budget friendly! Enjoy!

blue topaz


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One of my favorite websites,, recently added a Bridal section and I haven't stopped swooning since. Similar to Anthropologie - Ruche has a Boho Chic vibe about their clothes. I'm mildly addicted to their clothing and their unique take on things - and I drool often over their "Look Books." I've now made it a goal to style a Look Book photo shoot at some point with a local boutique. I've got that on my bucket list. BUT - back to the point. I had to share one of my favorite little vintage inspired dresses from the Ruche collection - and there's a ton more where this one came from.

Go give it a looksy. And try not to daydream while imaginging frolicking barefoot in a field in one of these gorgeous gowns.




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One of my favorite websites,, recently added a Bridal section and I haven't stopped swooning since. Similar to Anthropologie - Ruche has a Boho Chic vibe about their clothes. I'm mildly addicted to their clothing and their unique take on things - and I drool often over their "Look Books." I've now made it a goal to style a Look Book photo shoot at some point with a local boutique. I've got that on my bucket list. BUT - back to the point. I had to share one of my favorite little vintage inspired dresses from the Ruche collection - and there's a ton more where this one came from.

Go give it a looksy. And try not to daydream while imaginging frolicking barefoot in a field in one of these gorgeous gowns.



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The more you get to know me (Katie) you will find out that I love bows! :) These shoes are simply perfect for your wedding! They are adorable and so comfortable! Even if you aren't used to wearing heals these have a little extra cushion so you can walk down the isle in style! Nina Bridal Shoes come in several different styles! You can get these lovely shoes at Cloud Nine Bridal Boutique in Peoria, IL!

Nina Bow Shoes

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Today's favorite thing doesn't have a lot to do with weddings unless you are getting married in the next couple weeks! I found this scarf at Target a few weeks ago and I just love it! I would love to see a bride wrapped in this for a few outside shots! It would be just darling!

And if you aren't getting married and still love the scarf, it can easily add a little bit of Christmas to any outfit! I have it on today at work with a denim shirt, cardigan, sparkly belt and riding boots. It gets be into the Holiday Spirit! :)

Tartan Scarf

Katie Minehan

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